How do I earn free VBucks In Fortnite?

To get VBucks, you must earn points, and redeem Play Store / iTunes. You must earn at least 10,000 points to redeem a Play Store / iTunes card. Here are the complete instructions (and some tips):

  1. Create an account by completing your email address and password. You can also sign up with Facebook or Google.

  2. Once you've signed up, you will have full access to the members area and will be redirected to the members home page.

  3. Start collecting points by completing activities. To learn how to earn, visit the knowledge base and find some helpful articles. Here are some tips from high earners.

  4. Another hot tip - keep a close eye on the Live feed located in the members area. This gives you an idea where other members are earning the majority of their points.

  5. Once you've collected enough points, visit our rewards store and redeem iTunes or Play Store. After 48 business hours, you will receive a claim code in your email. Most iTunes / Play Store claim codes are between 10,000-15,000 points (depends on your country since currencies fluctuate with each country).
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