How can I earn with videos?

Hideout.TV awards 7 points for every 3 videos watched (with ads). Here are the instructions for completing Hideout.TV offers.

  • Click Hideout.TV under Watch Videos

  • Click the "+7" next to a channel you're interested in. For example, Food, Celebrity, etc.

  • Now it's quite simple, just watch videos and click "Rewards" to see how many points are stacking up in your Hideout.TV account. For every 3 videos you watch (that have ads in them), you earn 7 points.

  • Here is where it gets slightly tricky - to transfer these points to your account, you must have a Hideout.TV account as well, so click "Rewards" and then "Sign up to Redeem." Sign up an account, and start watching videos again.

  • Once you've decided that you're ready to transfer the points to your account, just click the "Rewards" button and click "Redeem." Click "Start Redeem Process" and under "Choose a Linked Account," select the relevant site.

  • Click "Redeem Balance" and then points will be automatically transferred to your account. Do this as many times as you can.
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