Tips from high earners

Every member has their favourite way of earning points. Some like watching videos, some enjoy completing surveys, while others enjoy downloading apps and reaching certain levels. Here are the top strategies for earning points.

  1. Use on Different Devices - Use desktop, mobile and tablets to see different offers. This can increase the numbers of offers you have access to, since some offers are targeted by device.

  2. YourSurveys & Unlimited Survey Routers - Find unlimited survey routers under "Complete Surveys." This means that you can complete surveys multiple time a day, as long there is inventory available. YourSurveys, for example, pays 1000 points per survey completion and can be completed unlimited times daily.

  3. Tap Research Surveys - Tap Research surveys award you points for partial completions and completions, which makes this a winning choice with high earners.

  4. Theorem Reach - Just like TapResearch, Theorem Reach awards points for partial completions.

  5. Live Feed - Interested in knowing what members are earning in real-time? Check out the live feed on the members home page. This gives a good idea of what offers are working for users. 

  6. Leaderboards - Leader boards allow you to see various stats - what offers are being completed, and how specific users are earning their points. 

  7. Hideout.TV
    Hideout.TV awards 7 points for every 3 videos watched (with ads). Here are the instructions for completing Hideout.TV offers.

    • Click Hideout.TV under Watch Videos
    • Click the "+7" next to a channel you're interested in. For example, Food, Celebrity, etc.
    • Now it's quite simple, just watch videos and click "Rewards" to see how many points are stacking up in your Hideout.TV account. For every 3 videos you watch (that have ads in them), you earn 7 points.
    • Here is where it gets slightly tricky - to transfer these points to your account, you must have a Hideout.TV account as well, so click "Rewards" and then "Sign up to Redeem." Sign up an account, and start watching videos again.
    • Once you've decided that you're ready to transfer the points to your account, just click the "Rewards" button and click "Redeem." Click "Start Redeem Process" and under "Choose a Linked Account," select the relevant site.
    • Click "Redeem Balance" and then points will be automatically transferred to your account. Do this as many times as you can.
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